Selling your Kidlington home during the election

Selling your Kidlington home during the election

Photo provided by Maurice:

Photo provided by Maurice:

As the election looms, people sometimes choose to express their passion for their parties with a board outside their house showing their allegiance. This is all part of the election ‘fun’ however if your house is on the market this is not a good idea…..

I’ve been selling and letting houses since 1999 and during that time I have studied the psychology of sales, been on numerous professional development courses and learned through experience. One of the key things I have learned is that people buy from people like themselves. It is imperative, when selling property, to ensure that the prospective buyer feels like the sellers are like-minded people.

If your potential buyer passionately despises a certain party and your support for that party is brandished all over your house, they will have a negative feeling before they’ve even stepped over the threshold.