Alistair Redhouse Christmas Party

Alistair Redhouse Christmas Party


This weekend the team at Alistair Redhouse had their Christmas bash which got me thinking about the importance of small firms having fun as a team.

At Alistair Redhouse we employ 5 members of staff and team morale and a sense of common goal is of utmost importance in keeping a driven, passionate and committed workforce.

When thinking about the ‘knees up’ Carole (my mother and a director of the firm) and I thought about the usual things – restaurant and drinks after etc. That’s when it dawned upon us, that the team have invested so much that we all deserved something a bit special so we came up with a plan. Part of that plan was to ensure that their partners were included in the revelries as their support, when their loved ones have been working late, has been part of the making of our success.

The plan looked like this:

For those not working (it was a Saturday), we meet at a luxury hotel at 2pm. After check in and a freshen up we rendezvoused at the spa for a swim, steam, sauna and a couple of the girls had treatments.

Drinks at the bar at 17.30 whilst waiting for the balance of the team to arrive then back to our rooms to get ready for the big night.

Now in our glad rags – we partook of a couple of bottles of champagne before enjoying a splendid meal and dancing the night away.

At 10am the following day, with weary heads, we met in the restaurant for a big breakfast (some bigger than others).

Certainly better than a dry meal with small talk followed by a pat on the back and a lonely drive home.

At Alistair Redhouse we are passionate about ensuring that as a team we have a great relationship and a cohesive view of the direction of the business. By investing in a special Christmas party we have a sense of shared experience, a bonus for working tirelessly all year and an incentive to work harder for an even better party next year.

We would like to thank the hotel for putting up with our antics.

We are always looking for talented people to join the Alistair Redhouse family. If you are an industry professional, in any property related discipline, and would like to discuss working with us then please do get in touch. The only criteria we have is that you are hungry to succeed.