We are on the move

For a while now, as a business, we have felt like a rugby player wearing a jockey’s silks… busting out at the seams  

After 4 years of successful growth in our office in the Piazza area, by the carpark, we have decided to move to a larger unit on the High Street close to Tesco.

It is incredible how much work is required planning for the move, with the coordination of services including refitting the new office, new window displays, electrical works, installing a new kitchen and stamping our style on the interior. Phew.

All this has been organised with the help of my wife Esther and my mother Carole. Our last planning meeting was on Sunday and I am meeting contractors out of hours as I am determined to ensure that the move doesn’t impact on the level of service we provide our clients who have made this move possible. 

We will be making the move to 65 High Street over the bank holiday weekend to ensure that there is no disruption to service.

These are very exciting times for us and I would like to thank all our past and current clients who have supported our growth. This move has been made possible by your support and involvement in the Alistair Redhouse journey.

I’m sure when we move we will feel like a jockey in a rugby players kit but, with the continued hard work of the team, we will get to Sumo size eventually.