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Selling your Kidlington home during the election

Photo provided by Maurice:

Photo provided by Maurice:

As the election looms, people sometimes choose to express their passion for their parties with a board outside their house showing their allegiance. This is all part of the election ‘fun’ however if your house is on the market this is not a good idea…..

I’ve been selling and letting houses since 1999 and during that time I have studied the psychology of sales, been on numerous professional development courses and learned through experience. One of the key things I have learned is that people buy from people like themselves. It is imperative, when selling property, to ensure that the prospective buyer feels like the sellers are like-minded people.

If your potential buyer passionately despises a certain party and your support for that party is brandished all over your house, they will have a negative feeling before they’ve even stepped over the threshold.


Team AR: Kidlington not so fun run

So it is a week on since the Alistair Redhouse team embarked on the Kidlington fun run in aid of the fantastic and worthy local cause, Daybreak. We are finally all walking normally again as our natural competitive natures drove us to push hard to beat one another.

Adam, our Head of Lettings, stormed home to claim office victory with an overall 5th place finish with an astonishing time of 21 minutes and 16 seconds. The rest of the office followed behind to secure victory in the team event narrowly beating the team from Taurus Training.


Esther (my wife) and both my sons ran the 1K rout accompanied by Susan Druce our new lettings coordinator and her daughter. The 1K was purely for fun so no places were recorded, however I can confirm the fun was had all round.

After completing the run, we were all exhausted so it was off to The Highwayman for a well-earned pint or two for those not driving.


At Alistair Redhouse we take our community responsibility very seriously so if you have an event that you would like us to sponsor, promote or take part in, please don’t hesitate to call or email us (though we cannot guarantee to be able to do them all!).

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